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Q: When I’m viewing a property what should I be looking out for?

A: Time spent inspecting a potential house systematically is invaluable. This will save you time, money and, maybe, pain. You’ll need to be clear about what you want and work through a checklist each time you view a property:

   •   What amenities does it have and how good are they (e.g. washing machine, washer/dryer, tumble dryer, fridge/freezer, a good, safe cooker)?

   •   What sort of heating does it have and how efficient is it to use?

   •   Is it furnished and if so, how well for your purposes?

   •   Are there enough bathrooms for your needs and are the kitchen facilities adequate?

   •   What’s the general physical shape of the house like inside and out?

   •   If there’s a garden who is expected to look after it?

   •   What are the electrics like? Are they safe?

   •   If there are gas appliances, are they safe?

   •   Is there a decent fire detection system and fire escape route?

   •   How secure does the house feel?

   •   What about my landlord? Guild Lettings only recommend properties belonging to MLAS (Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme) accredited landlords. Accreditation means recognition of being a good and reputable Landlord to the standards outlined by MLAS. Renting a property belonging to an MLAS accredited landlord provides you with more assurance that you are dealing with a competent landlord.

Q: When thinking of signing up for a property what should I be looking out for in a contract?

A: The contract most private owners’ use is the Assured Shorthold Tenancy. It’s important that you understand what you are signing before you commit yourself to any property.

Most importantly:-

   •   Never sign anything you don't understand.

   •   Seek advice about what you're signing.

   •   Understand your housing rights